Lying 93.3 km to the north of the Maltese archipelago and off the southern tip of mainland Italy, the island of Sicily is merely a short hop from Malta by plane or sea. A destination that stimulates the senses, it offers the sensuality and serenity of a lifestyle spun out in the warmth of the southern sun.

Also known as the garden of the Mediterranean, Sicily is more than just an island. It is a unique place full of art and archaeology, history and folklore and breathtaking scenery. Sicily has attracted the attention of outsiders for 6000 years; the island is a fabulous display of Greek amphitheatres and temples, Roman villas, Arab mosques and gardens, Norman cathedrals, Renaissance palaces, Baroque churches - over thirty centuries of history and culture to be explored.

Sicily abounds with natural beauty. The landscape is varied, with rugged mountains running into the glittering Mediterranean Sea, coastal valleys of lemon orchards, ancient olive groves, vineyards, cherry and almond orchards and endless wheat fields set the scene. It is an island where you can visit an active volcano, or relax on pristine beaches, discover ancient temples, the wonderful hilltop town of Taormina, medieval hill top villages and relax in one of many cosmopolitan resorts or in the harbour of Siracusa.

Above all Sicily is very much a typical southern Italian region, fuelled by its famous cuisine and wines and a strong cultural identity. Sicily has it all: the shouting street vendors, the best ice cream in the world, the obsession with anything that has to do with food and the genuine and warm hearted Mediterranean hospitality.

Easily accessible from Malta by sea, Sicily is an ideal destination for a twin centre holiday, coupled with the Maltese Islands. This option is particularly appealing for clients interested in private yacht charter. For an extended stay, the neighbouring Aeolian, Egadi and Pelagie islands can also be visited.  There is no better way to explore millennia of history than from the comfort and freedom of your personal luxury yacht, surrounded by the limpid waters of the Mediterranean Sea.